Compliance Guidelines Were Updated Recently: Did You Update Your Sector Website?

ADA compliance? For public sector websites, too often it’s just an item on a checklist.

When a municipal website or school district site is being created or redesigned, some mention of ADA is almost inevitable in the RFP, and potential vendors all acknowledge they’ll take it into account. But for any website, particularly those in the public sector, that’s not good enough.

Read our new whitepaper on ADA compliance for Public Sector Websites

That is why 360Civic has created ADA for Public Sector Websites: Why Compliance is Essential and What is Required to Achieve It. Read it for free here

ADA compliance stipulates that websites allow everyone — even those with visual, auditory, learning or physical impairments — to experience the full range of services and experience provided by a website. As more functions move online as part of a digital front door or even smart city strategy, the need to serve these citizens with an accessible website becomes more crucial.

The whitepaper focuses on the strategy of ADA compliance, usability and related laws, and how they apply to design and user experience. It is not intended as a legal document, but as a design strategy and primer to help public sector entities understand the issues and possibilities inherent in implementing a compliant site.

Find out more about this critical issue by downloading a free copy of our whitepaper. And if you believe your site may need to be reassessed for compliance, contact us.

Ron Zayas

CEO & Chief Strategist

Ron brings decades of expertise in marketing, advertising and e-commerce strategies to 360Civic. There is not one aspect of any client project that is not enhanced through his experience, insight, and... Read more

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