The best public sector websites are those that keep one eye on the present and one eye on the future.

Of course, for most government and education entities, just keeping pace with the day-to-day demands of a large-scale website – security, functionality, ADA – can be a full-time job. Dealing with today’s issues doesn’t leave much time to think about tomorrow.

Worry no more, because we’ve got the time – and with the knowledge and experience we’ve collected from working on award-winning public sector sites, we also have a pretty good idea of what lies ahead. Our conclusions have been collected into The (Near and Distant) Future of Government Websites, a new article written by the co-founder of 360Civic, Ron Zayas.

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This is not just a “think” piece with our best guesses for where all this stuff is headed. Instead, Ron has created a practical guide to what you should be preparing for in the short-term (2-3 years) and further down the road (5-10 years).

Our short-range recommendations comprise actions that can be taken right now to transform your website into one that easier to use, more transparent, more secure, and more responsive to user’s needs. And no, you don’t have to be an IT expert to understand the issues, and how to address them.

As Ron writes in the piece, while some of these actions may seem obvious, “The truth is most of today’s government sites would earn a passing grade on only one or two of these items. A tight budget is no excuse for kicking the can down the road – a good website platform and a solid strategy goes a long way to achieving success without costing more money. A truism of web development is that it costs just as much to build a horrible site as an excellent one.”

As technology continues to evolve, and the concept of “smart cities” becomes a reality, the website will play a significant role within this model. Many of the tools already exist today – all that is needed is the strategy to make it happen. You’ll learn more about that in the article as well.

Looking for a head start on the future? Take that first step and read The (Near and Distant) Future of Government Websites.

Then, if you’re ready to begin implementing some of its suggestions and need help, contact us for a free assessment of your current site, and what it will take to get you where you want to be.

David Hofstede

Director of Content

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