“We’re Coming To Your House”

That was the threat recently issued by a group called ShutDownDC to Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh.

Why it was issued is unimportant. Some will agree with the goals of that group and some will not. But there should be no disagreement over the potential danger in this type of situation. You don’t want people with a complaint or cause gathering outside the place you live and raise your children.

If They Can Find Him, They Can Find You

Our government goes to great lengths to protect our Supreme Court Justices, especially in these divisive times. But Justice Kavanaugh’s home address was still discovered, probably somewhere online.

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If his address was accessible, the address of any individual anywhere is likely to be found with even less effort. Usually, a five-minute Google search is all it takes to learn where someone lives – a judge, a lawyer, a police officer, a therapist, or anyone who works in a profession where he or she might be targeted by someone with a grudge.

And once someone has your address and enters it into Google maps, he or she can view a map to your house. Switch to the aerial view, and there’s the layout of the residence and surrounding grounds, including areas with limited visibility where a person could easily hide.

Further searches can identify local schools or, with a little extra effort, the actual schools your children attend.

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And when we find information about you online that shouldn’t be there, we don’t just send a letter or an email and hope for the best – we follow up with the site as often as it takes to get that content taken down. And we’ll always let you know what we find and where we find it.

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