When different website elements come from different places, they don’t always complement each other. This happens most frequently with design and development.

One of the strengths of our company is how we create all the distinct elements of a website through collaboration between our teams of experts. At least, that is what our clients tell us.

A design expert and a web development expert will each approach a site project with different priorities. But at 360Civic they work together, incorporating guidance and feedback from the client, so the end result achieves all of the goals we set for each project.

The key component in this process is the UX design review. Here are some of the questions we ask to make sure the site both looks great and functions properly.


How is the site going to look and respond on mobile?

These days that’s how most visitors will arrive, and that trend is only going to continue. How well does the design and functionality adapt? What needs to be changed from the desktop version so it works just as well on a smaller screen?


How were the design elements created, and will they make it easier for visitors to navigate the site?

Design elements are more than the graphics and colors selected – that list also include photos and videos, shaded content boxes, lists of sidebar links, copy that is in bold or italics, headlines and subheads, and the fonts selected for written content. UX design provides a thorough assessment of all of these elements at the design handoff, and reviews them for size, quality, readability, and spacing in between. These considerations are also critical for ADA compliance.


Does everything work?

Seems like a pretty obvious question, but we never assume every link will go where it should and every dropdown menu is going to open correctly, until we check it out on mobile and desktop in multiple browsers.


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The websites of forward-thinking public sector organizations act as digital front doors to services and personnel. This is often the first place your constituents go to find out about your services.

A skilled design and development provider — like 360Civic — should have extensive experience building the forward facing sites that provide effective customer engagement, and mirror as closely as possible the interactions your users have with your organization offline.

Every website should be fully functional and usable for every person that visits. Such access is especially important with public sector sites, such as those for schools and government. Our ADA experts will conduct a thorough review of every aspect of your website and online presence, and meet with you to review the results.

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