We’ve all watched the news over the past year – there’s no escaping the reality that for police officers this is a very challenging and dangerous time.

Our company decided to do something to help.

For nearly a decade, 360Civic has administered a successful program that provides online protection for judges by locating and removing their personal information from websites. We are now pleased to provide that same service to police officers and other law enforcement personnel.

Our upcoming webinar has the details – and you are invited.

  • Date: Tuesday, April 6th
  • Time: 11:00 AM PST

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Why You Should Attend

If you work in law enforcement, or know someone who does, please don’t miss this opportunity to find out how easy it may be to access any officer’s personal information, such as his or her address and phone number, the schools their children attend, and other details of their private lives.

Every time an officer makes an arrest, there is a risk of that person, or one of his friends, vowing to get even. Finding out where that officer lives makes it much easier to do so. And it isn’t hard to do, because companies sell the personal information of thousands of people without their knowledge, and with no regard for their privacy or safety.

Fortunately, California has a law that protects law enforcement personnel from having their home information listed on websites. That law applies to all websites, whether or not they are located in California. However, most sites ignore the law until someone orders them to comply.

That’s what we do – and our upcoming webinar will explain how we go about it, why we have been successful, and how easy it is to sign up for this protection.

Don’t miss this informative webinar:

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We hope to see you there. And whatever your decision, all of us at 360Civic thank you for your service.


Ron Zayas

CEO & Chief Strategist

Ron brings decades of expertise in marketing, advertising and e-commerce strategies to 360Civic. There is not one aspect of any client project that is not enhanced through his experience, insight, and... Read more

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