The US Supreme Court has been in the news lately, but there’s a story you may have missed that illustrates that danger that judges and those in other professions face every day, particularly in these divisive times.

On a recent 60 Minutes report, it was revealed that the gunman who murdered the son of US District Court Judge Esther Salas had also targeted Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor. The gunman had a dossier on Justice Sotomayor, with information likely gathered from the internet.

360Civic Provides Protection From Online Threats Is Available For Judges And Law Enforcement Officers

In California, Judges and Police Officers are Protected

Judges, police officers, sheriffs, deputies, and other professions exposed to criminal activity have been afforded special protection by California law. If certain personal information for these people or their families is published anywhere online, it must be removed. However, most websites will not do so until they are confronted.

That’s what we do.

We have enforced this law and protected those who protect us for almost ten years. Our experts search 24/7 for websites that list names and addresses, and then take action to have that information removed.

Interested? You Can Sign Up Right Now

Usually this service is provided to Superior Courts or police departments to cover all of their personnel. But we are now making it available to individual in these challenging professions as well. For as low as $8 a month we’ll protect you, while you are protecting our community.

Signing up for a free 60-day trial is quick and easy

You can cancel at anytime, and we guarantee your total satisfaction or your money back.

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