When your team starts to realize that your public sector website is a bit out of date and in need of a refresh, your first instinct is usually to focus on upgrading the overall look and feel. While design is definitely important, there’s actually one huge component that often goes overlooked and needs even more attention: content.

After working with a variety of public sector clients, we’ve found that content is one of the biggest roadblocks to a relevant, successful, and easy to use website. This is why our team provides content creation and editing to our clients, so their website visitors can navigate and use their public sector site effectively.

Our Process

We have a thorough process when it comes to creating content that best suits your website visitors:

Content Review

First, we review all of the existing content on your current site to determine what should be migrated, what needs to deleted or revised and what new content should be created. Our review will cover the current site maps and taxonomy. Following our review, we’ll provide an analysis and executive summary of our findings and recommendations as well as a spreadsheet to track content migration and creation.

SEO Review and Analysis

We will identify the current traffic and key metrics for the site, including high exit pages, referral sources, 12-month traffic history and trends, and most visited pages. We will also include keyword analysis and rankings. This way we can see what your audience is searching for, the most popular topics and pages visited on your site, and if they are easily finding what they need.

Content Creation

Interviews are conducted, copy revisions are made, and new documents are created and sent to your team for approval. After approval, all content is reviewed one last time for typos, style and grammatical issues.

Additionally, there may also be some non-essential but suggested changes, such as a different way to communicate the functions of a department, or a less complicated way of explaining a procedure. These will be submitted to your team for feedback and/or approval.

Proofreading and Consistency Check

Our team of editors reviews the final site for typos and issues with style and/or grammar.  We will make required changes directly in the system and suggested changes are tracked on a control document. We provide you with the document for your review and approval.

SEO Review

Before launch, final redirects are created and listed on a spreadsheet. Our team will also add and test code for Google Analytics. As the goals of these projects are typically to increase traffic and ease of use for your site visitors, reviews provide a baseline so improvement can be measured, and it can be confirmed that you didn’t lose any previous traffic after launching your new site.

If you feel like your website’s content needs some serious attention, contact our team and we can work together to see how we can help.

Bridget DiRico

Co-founder & Director of Government Contracts

Bridget’s expertise in public relations, marketing and project management have been serving 360’s clients since the company was launched. Today, Bridget is focused on serving our public sector clie... Read more

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