Attacks against journalists are thankfully rare in the US – but the recent murder of a Las Vegas Review-Journal reporter is a reminder of the dangers of that profession.

Like judges and police officers, journalists often stir up anger and resentment with what they do. That was the case in Las Vegas, where reporter Jeff German wrote a series of articles critical of a public administrator alleging corruption in his office. That administrator is now charged with stabbing German outside the reporter’s home. 

How did he know where German lived? That part of the story was not made public, but these days it is certainly not difficult to find anyone’s home address and phone number online.

Help is Available

For more than ten years, 360Civic has provided online privacy protection to judges, law enforcement, and other professionals.  This service entails using our proprietary technology to scan the internet every day, and when we find the address or phone number of someone under our protection, we make sure the website removes that content. When they do not comply, we take them to court. One way or another, that content comes down.

Journalists, like judges, must be able to address controversial issues without putting themselves or their families in danger. That is why it is imperative that their home addresses and phone numbers not be easily accessible or available for purchase from “people-finder” websites.

If you are interested in privacy protection, please contact us.

Mail Forwarding

There are also other steps you could take to keep your family safe. One of these is mail forwarding.

Mail forwarding allows you to get an alternate address and have your mail (or some of it) sent to that address. If that address is leaked and someone heads there to confront you, they won’t find you there.

Companies like iPostal1 offer a digital mailing service with a virtual mailing address; however, they may also tend to sell and trade personal information (review their privacy policies and you will learn that they reserve the right to do so).

Since these companies can’t always be trusted, we decided to provide this service with a level of built-in security that clients should expect. It’s the best way to be assured that your address is not being sold.         

360Civic provides an option for mail forwarding for only $12 per month if you are enrolled in IronWall360 privacy protection.

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