One of the reasons we offer extended protection to the families of police officers and judges is to reduce the number of incidents of online violence against women. Sadly, some of these are merely the first step to physical violence - but these threats can be neutralized when home addresses and phone numbers are not accessible on the internet.

According to a global figure, 58% of the girls and women who go online have experienced some form of online violence. Many victims have reported that such violence has resulted in mental and emotional distress. Nearly four out of 10 said the situation was so troubling it resulted in lower professional functioning.

The pandemic may have played a role in the growing numbers, but sadly threats and doxing existed before COVID, and will still be around after this virus is a distant and unpleasant memory.

Female police officers and members of male officers’ families are at greater risk because of their professions, given the possibility of people they arrest seeking revenge. That’s why we’re not surprised when so many of the people who wear the badge enroll their family members as well. If you spend your shift keeping the public safe, keeping your partner and daughters safe is certainly just as vital.

Sometimes the threats have nothing to do with having a cop in the family. They could emerge from a co-worker at your wife’s job or a fellow student at your daughter’s school. But with IronWall360 protection, the private information of those you love will never be located or available for purchase from sites that think nothing of placing others in danger.

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