The internet has made shopping, paying bills and staying in touch with friends easier. Sadly, it has made stalking easier as well.

For women this is a particularly distressing phenomenon. More than one million women are stalked every year, and as many as 1 in 6 will deal with a stalking incident at some time in their life.

Those with an unhealthy or dangerous fixation on a female stranger, acquaintance or coworker can now find out where that person lives with a simple five-minute Google search.

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Many women move to avoid any further contact with a stalker; but as soon as they resume normal online activity, their new address becomes available on numerous websites.


Help is Available

There are steps you can take if you find yourself in this frightening situation: Keep a record of all incidents, and save any letters, text messages, etc. for when you report what is happening to the police. But do not overlook the importance of protecting yourself online.

Someone seeking attention or retribution from can search that woman’s name and quickly find her home address, children’s names and a lot more. They can find a map to her home and even see what the home looks like through Google maps. They can see where her kids go to school. When the worst happens – and it does, too often – the internet likely helped to facilitate the attack.

Be extra careful when giving out any personal information, and caution friends and family members about doing the same. How often do we share friends’ email addresses when sending photos and personal news to multiple recipients? Those you know must now use the same caution with your private information that you now exercise.

Is it possible to completely remove your address and phone number from the internet? Yes. That’s what we do. We search for and remove your personal information from any website – not just connected to your name but to those of your children, as long as they live with you.

Since we began our online protection service, we have removed more than one million pieces of personal information for those who have registered. Now we’re ready to go to work for you.


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If you believe you are in danger from a stalking situation, we are ready to help. The cost of our privacy protection service is just $10 per month – but if you need immediate help we’ll get all of your personal information removed for the next 90 days at no cost.

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Or if you wish to do it yourself, there are actions you can take. Our free eBook explains the steps necessary to removing your information online. Just be aware that thousands of new websites launch every month, and scrubbing your content once is no assurance that it won’t be available again a few weeks later.

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