As a nonprofit, your goal is to increase awareness and create change for a specific cause. But that can be difficult to do with a limited budget and fewer employees than a standard business.


One way to achieve this goal without a significant marketing investment is through email marketing automation.


Email Marketing

Email marketing alone can bring incredible benefits to your business. Not only can you reach out to your community with real-time updates and personalization, but you also have much more control over reaching your list, instead of worrying about pesky algorithms on social media.


A few effective ways you can use email marketing to reach your current and potential donor community include: event updates, thank you messages, donor/volunteer surveys, follow-ups, free PDFs, and more. While using these kinds of ideas for emails can be useful to your cause, all of these strategies are even more powerful when combined with an effective marketing automation system.


What is Marketing Automation?

Marketing automation streamlines your personalization efforts and overall marketing campaign into one lead generating and nurturing system. Once an automated system is in place, it will automatically send specific emails to your list. The system will react and follow up with personalized copy based off information the individual has provided through forms, click-through behavior, and more.


For example, if someone is interested in learning about future volunteer events and fills out a form on your website, the automation system can send any kind of follow-up, confirmation, and event update emails as needed. Anything that your organization finds important and relevant to the potential volunteer to help them stay up-to-date and increase their likelihood of participating in an event or fundraiser can be set up and immediately ready. As long as the potential volunteer is a part of your email list, the automation system will also continuously collect relevant information from the member’s behavior and clicks during each campaign. This will help increase the personalization efforts and drive action from your community, leading to an increase in donations and volunteers.


Marketing Automation Benefits

In the long run, marketing automation saves both time and overall costs. Once you take the time to set up your automated emails, the system will do most of the work for you, so your marketing team can focus their efforts elsewhere.


While building automation systems usually comes with a fixed cost, the previous expenses that were dedicated to the hours of labor spent and resources used implementing the lead generating and nurturing campaigns will decrease dramatically. This doesn’t mean that you’ll be able to remove your marketing team, but marketing automation will help cut down and simplify their daily tasks for campaigns and projects.


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