360Civic has provided IronWall360 online privacy protection for more than ten years. When we started doing this, we were almost alone in offering this service. Since then, other companies have emerged, all making similar claims to protect your privacy.

So why is it that, when we search for the home addresses of their clients online, we always find them?

This is not a halfway pursuit. It certainly shouldn’t be. For judges, police officers, social workers and other public servants, lives are literally on the line. In this business false claims can be deadly. Companies that pay lip service to protecting clients, while not actually doing it, are putting those clients and their families in danger.

Do these professionals that have signed with other providers realize that they’re paying to keep their private information private, but it’s still so easy to locate?

We Monitor our Privacy Protection Every Day

We also monitor that of our competitors. They are not doing the job.

Some are at least honest about it – they say they’ll check only those few sites where private information is most likely to turn up. For some in the general public that may be sufficient. It will lower their exposure and may keep them away from a few online scams and annoying robocalls. We have a value program that covers that as well – though even our value program is more thorough than our competition.

Real online privacy protection is far more extensive – or at least it should be.

That is why Supreme Court justices, federal judges, government agencies and police departments come to us to keep their personnel safe. Our clients also include victims of stalking and domestic violence.

We Monitor All Aspects of the Internet – Not Just a Few Select Sites

Your name and address may appear on thousands of websites, not just those that specialize in “people finder” services. We track them all. When we find content that shouldn’t be there, we don’t just let our client know and expect them to do something about it – we take direct action to make sure that content is removed.

We cover the families of our clients as well, because someone determined to go after a person they have targeted will also try to locate them through the online profiles of spouses and children.

We provide VPN (through NordVPN), VoIP numbers, email aliases, and other additional security measures that help to keep our clients’ private data secure. Such preventative steps lower their online footprint, which means there won’t be as much content to track down and remove.

When there is an active threat against one of our clients, we provide emergency support to address the situation. We go above and beyond what every other company provides.

We are the only company that delivers all of these safeguards – and more.

Yes, it costs a little more for our premium service. But how much is insurance against threats, harassment and violence worth? No one buys a fire insurance policy that only covers one room in a house. If you’re paying for online privacy and security, that’s what you should expect. And that is what you get with IronWall360.

Put Us To The Test

If you are considering this service for the first time, or if you or your organization is allegedly being protected by another company, we invite you to discover the difference in what we do vs. what others do.

Send us your name and birth date to TryUs@360Civic.com. We’ll run a privacy report on you at no cost, and send you the results. If you think you’re safe now, we believe you’re going to be surprised.

Ron Zayas

CEO & Chief Strategist

Ron brings decades of expertise in marketing, advertising and e-commerce strategies to 360Civic. There is not one aspect of any client project that is not enhanced through his experience, insight, and... Read more

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