IronWall360 CEO Ron Zayas appeared as a guest on the popular Frankie Boyer Show podcast to explain how Internet sites collect, share and sell our personal information.

Like most people, Ms. Boyer was surprised to discover how the typical online activities we do every day make us vulnerable to scammers, hackers, and those that may wish to do us harm. The danger is particularly elevated for women, seniors, and those in certain professions such as law enforcement, mental health, and criminal justice.

Zayas discussed the current state of privacy laws, and how each of us can take measures to protect ourselves. Because the process to do so is long and difficult, IronWall360 is now offering a free 60-day trial of our online protection service, as well as a free privacy report that shows each recipient where and how often their address and phone number is accessible to anyone who wants it.

Listen to the Podcast

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