For more than ten years, 360Civic has offered an online protection service for those in law enforcement and criminal justice. As a result of tremendous growth in interest in this service, we are pleased to announce the launch of a new company under the 360 banner that will be devoted exclusively to this service: IronWall360.

Why Now?

The fact that more individuals and organizations have inquired about online protection is certainly not a happy development. It means the threat levels have increased for those who serve as judges, police officers, sheriffs, and in other professions where life-and-death decisions can generate a quest for revenge.

We can’t control the behavior of those who think that way, but we can make it a lot more difficult for them to find the home address or phone number of a judge or police officer online. Right now, sadly, it is much too easy to do so.

Why a Separate Company?

It will allow us to devote the personnel and the resources necessary to make this protection available to as many persons and organizations that wish to sign up for the service.

It also gives us the capability to expand this protection to those in other professions where it may prove beneficial, if not lifesaving: mental health professionals and other medical care providers; social workers; those in government service and elected office. If you don’t work in any of those fields but still don’t want your home address easy to access through a five-minute Google search, IronWall360 protection is available to you as well.

Here is what will not change – the ability of our proprietary technology to scan the entire internet and locate this content on any type of site, and then make sure it gets taken down.

What Distinguishes IronWall360 From Other Privacy Protection Firms

First: we search all websites, not just the “people finder” sites where information is most likely to be found. Second: we don’t just tell our clients we found something and then leave it to them to contact the website and request its removal; we take care of that for them, and pursue the matter through the courts and Attorneys General offices for sites that refuse to comply. Third: we are constantly conducting new searches, because we know a site that takes down content today may put that content back up next month or next year. We know who these “repeat offenders” are and we pay special attention to them to keep our clients safe.

Want to Know More?

Great – head over to the new IronWall360 website. There you’ll find additional information about the company, our convenient rate plans, and resources that can help you stay safe online even if you don’t become a client.

Welcome to IronWall360


Ron Zayas

CEO & Chief Strategist

Ron brings decades of expertise in marketing, advertising and e-commerce strategies to 360Civic. There is not one aspect of any client project that is not enhanced through his experience, insight, and... Read more

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