You’ve seen the websites and so have we:

“Create an Intranet Fast”

“Simple Intranet”

“Intranet in a Box”

We like fast and easy too. But think for a moment about the materials you will be uploading to your Intranet site.

How much planning is possible for something that gets done so quickly?

How limited will you be with the design and functionality of the finished site if it’s a rush job?

What if it was hacked?

How much potential damage would result from the theft of personal information, financial information, internal policies and other contents not meant to be revealed to the general public?

Successful Intranet websites require the same components as your company website – an efficient blend of design, content and programming. That takes time – time to get to know your specific needs and how best to address them. Time to build in the appropriate security and ADA access considerations so they are integral to the overall project. That’s our way.

It is only after your intranet is up and running that ‘easy’ becomes important.

360Civic uses open source databases that deliver the latest in features and functions, while still making it simple to upload and change content.

Often, we create an intranet simultaneously with or immediately after completing a public sector website project. But there is no need to wait for your next major website revision to take care of this. Let’s talk about how we can work together to create an intranet that satisfies all of your objectives.

Ours doesn’t come out of a box and it won’t be ready tomorrow, but we’re sure that once it is launched, you’ll be happy you waited a little bit longer.

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