One of the most important challenges nonprofits face is raising donations for their cause. In addition to raising funds at in-person events, nonprofits can reach a much wider and global pool of potential donors through utilizing an online presence.

Here are some specific ways nonprofits can increase their online donations:


Improve Your Website

Can your website visitors easily find your donation button? It’s imperative to have an easy-to-use and mobile-friendly website to effectively raise funds online. Your nonprofit’s site should offer high-quality content, including eye-catching photos and educational blogs to keep your community informed and inspired to donate to your cause.

If your website needs an upgrade to optimize donations, 360Civic’s Helping the Helpers program offers affordable mobile-friendly websites for various levels of nonprofits. Click here to learn more about Helping the Helpers.


Connect with Your Audience

Two effective ways to connect with your current and potential donor community is through email and social media marketing. If used properly, both marketing platforms have amazing potential to help your donors feel appreciated, informed, and more connected to your cause.

Email marketing, especially with marketing automation, offers a personalized and consistent form of communication with your donors. Through email marketing, you can send newsletters, thank you messages, donor/volunteer surveys, and other updates to help your email list feel valued. If your donors feel connected to your cause, there’s a much higher chance they’ll want to continue sending donations your way.

Learn More: Marketing Automation for Nonprofits

Social media is not only a great way to connect with your donors, it is also an effective method to attract new donors to raise funds. It’s a fantastic strategy to keep your community updated in real-time; especially with many social media platforms’ live video capabilities. You can learn more about how your nonprofit can use social media to increase donors and raise awareness in our previous blog post.


Be Specific

People are more likely to donate if you request a specific amount. For example, “Give just $5 to make a difference!” will create more action versus, “Give a little to make a difference!” An effective way to utilize specificity when asking for donations is to provide pre-established giving levels on your donation page. Levels can include $10, $20, $30…etc. It takes away the time and effort needed for your donors to think of an amount on their own. Plus, you can always leave an option for them to create their own amount if they have a different number in mind.


Set Up Recurring Donations

Along with your specific donation amounts, it’s important to have a feature that allows donors to set up recurring monthly or yearly donations. This simplifies the process for them and increases a steady stream of donations for you.


Encourage Word of Mouth

Don’t be afraid to ask your donors to spread the word to help raise funds for your cause. People are more likely to give money to charities that their friends or family recommend. You can encourage word of mouth with thank-you messages after they donate, social media campaigns with trending hashtags, or an incentive program that helps your donors earn free branded merchandise or small rewards after raising a certain dollar amount from their friends.

Another way to encourage word of mouth is through crowdsource funding campaigns on your website. Giving your donors and volunteers the ability to create and host their own online fundraisers will help spread awareness among their friends and family and increase donations to your charity. Our Premium and MultiSite Helping the Helpers nonprofit websites offer these crowdsource funding features.


Get Real

Your donors want to know exactly what kind of an impact their contributions are creating. If you give your community-specific details about how you use their donations to create change, they’ll not only feel good about themselves but also feel more motivated to give again. Some ideas to increase transparency in your nonprofit include sharing profiles of specific people you’ve helped or specified the exact percentages of clothing or food a donation provides to a community.

Our experienced team at 360Civic can help you successfully implement any of the above strategies, as well as any other marketing assistance your nonprofit might need. To learn more, we encourage you to reserve a free, no-obligation one-on-one demo.


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