The midterms are about four months away, but the 2020 election remains prominent in the news. Recently, election workers came forward to testify at a Congressional hearing about threats they received in the aftermath of the closely contested presidential race, just for doing their jobs.

We are a deeply divided nation now and there’s no reason to believe that some results from the upcoming election will not also generate controversy, or that those whose candidates did not win may not be motivated to look for someone to blame.

That can lead to harassment, vandalism, and even violence against election workers, not just on the job but also at their homes. And because their home addresses, names of spouses, and even of their kids are just a Google search away thanks to companies that sell this information, people have a right to feel threatened.

Enough is enough. At 360Civic, we feel that no one should be threatened at home because someone doesn’t like the way a republic works. We have decided to do our part to stop this madness.


Election Workers: You Are Invited to Enroll for One Year of Free Protection

Every election worker in every state is eligible to receive free IronWall360 online privacy protection for one year. Just sign up by August 15, and we’ll search and eliminate your private data (name and address, phone) where we find it on the Internet.

And free means free. No strings, no hidden fees, no fine print. Just enjoy the peace of mind that comes with being able to do your job in November with your privacy intact. We respect the job you do, and we will do our job so that you do yours more safely.

Register Now for Your Free Protection


We Also Protect Police Officers And Judges

For more than ten years, 360Civic has provided our IronWall360 online privacy protection for judges and police officers. That means we scan the internet for sites where their addresses, phone numbers, and other private information are listed, and we make sure that content is removed, even if we have to take that site to court.

Does it work? Our renewal rate in our program is over 90% for over 10 years. Yes, it works. Find out more about why this service is needed more than ever, and why 360Civic is the oldest and largest company in our industry. Visit us at

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CEO & Chief Strategist

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