It’s hardly news anymore that online videos are a powerful communication medium.

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A great video can not just deliver useful information on your website, it can also be posted on Facebook and YouTube and other social media platforms. It gets the message across quickly and more effectively than paragraph after paragraph of text – especially for the tech-savvy under-35 crowd that grew up with the internet. They like getting information fast – and their short attention spans mean if you don’t grab them quickly you probably won’t grab them at all.

But now that everyone is using it – how can you make your videos stand out? Try these four suggestions:

1. Build Anticipation for a Special Event

Planning a webinar or an important board meeting? Use video to promote it and to build audience interest. A series of short videos is likely to generate a better response than a series of promotional emails.

2. Go “Live”

This can be risky, but if you’ve got the personnel to handle it a live video offers a more immediate and authentic interactive experience. These go over especially well on social media platforms like Facebook.

4. Track Your Results

How do you know whether your videos are making a difference? Google Analytics delivers metrics that will help you understand video performance, such as tallies of plays or page views. And if you really crunch the numbers you can also find out how many people stop watching a video before it’s over. In addition, analytics can help you discover the priorities and preferences of your audience – information you can use to select video topics they’ll want to see.

5. Contact the 360 Videos Team

From live-action promotions to photo-realistic 3D animations, we can help you create a video that fits what you need for your public sector website.

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