None of us like to imagine worst-case scenarios – but for entities in the public sector there is a homeland security component that is an unavoidable part of the job. 

When the unexpected happens it’s important to get the message out to the public as quickly as possible – but what if the person in charge of updating your website isn’t in a position to do so?

Write a Text – Create a Banner on Your Public Sector Website

360Civic offers a new service that can convert a text message from any phone into a banner that can be uploaded within seconds to your site’s home page. 

This type of rapid updating may prove critical  – even lifesaving – in a wide range of circumstances:

  • Earthquakes 
  • Flash floods, fires or other natural disaster
  • School shooting
  • Traffic accidents that limit access to public buildings

Just select the type of banner required using pre-loaded keywords (alert, emergency, all clear, etc.) and then add text to the banner template. Hit “send” and the website is immediately updated.

Why Texting?

Besides the speed and convenience of sending a message this way, texting has proven to be consistently more reliable in times of natural or manmade disasters than phone calls or emails. Since just about everyone has texting capabilities now, these alerts can be added to the site from anywhere. 

Of course, this service can also be used in non-crisis situations. Celebrate the victory of a high school football team or an award for public service, or remind the public of an upcoming city council meeting. 

A Secure System in Times of Crisis

You will authorize which of your department personnel will have access to this system. Since texting is locked into a specific phone number, password and individual, hacking is virtually impossible. 

Interested? Contact 360Civic to find out more about our text-to-banner service for public sector site

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Ron Zayas

CEO & Chief Strategist

Ron brings decades of expertise in marketing, advertising and e-commerce strategies to 360Civic. There is not one aspect of any client project that is not enhanced through his experience, insight, and... Read more

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