The headlines are frightening:

Election workers brace for wave of threats as 2024 nears: 'It will get worse'

More than a dozen people charged by US unit for threatening election workers

Threatened U.S. election workers get little help from law enforcement

What We’re Doing

We’re taking a stand. It’s not about politics. Doesn’t matter which candidate you voted for. Doesn’t matter what you thought about the last few elections. There is no excuse for threatening election workers.

We are determined to protect these people from those who think they can bully our democracy.

If you are an election worker and want your privacy protected so you can do your job without people finding your home address and threatening you and your family, contact us.

We will protect you for free.

Please pass this message on to anyone you know that may be interested in this service.

Is It That Bad?

Yes it is. Since 2020 and the midterms threats against election workers have spiked, and some of them have escalated. One official collecting ballots from drop boxes in Oregon was followed, and threatened by someone carrying a gun. Another worker said someone tried to run her off the road.

"The threat was very specific with my name and my home address, and that I had four children and that all four of my children should be killed," says Thomas Liddy, an official with Maricopa County in Arizona who was threatened this past November.

Soon we will be just one year out from the next general election, which will be preceded by a busy primary season. The two most likely candidates for President, at least at the moment, have been embroiled in controversies and incurred the wrath of a deeply divided nation. The Department of Homeland Security has already issued a bulletin warning that perceptions of the next presidential race could mobilize individuals to commit violence.

How Privacy Protection Helps

The buildings where election workers execute their tasks have been fortified, and those security measures may be further increased as the 2024 election approaches. But no protection exists for these workers after they leave the building or before they arrive. That increases the likelihood that any attacks they may occur are more likely to do so at the worker’s residence.

Our online privacy protection program, IronWall360, scans the Internet for any sites where someone’s home address and other private data are accessible. We then contact that site to make sure that content is removed. And we don’t take “no” for an answer.

When there is an active threat against one of our clients, we provide emergency support to address the situation. We go above and beyond what every other company provides.

Sign Up Free Today

If you are an election worker, just click on the button below and you will receive our privacy protection from now until after the 2024 November election, at no cost. There are no contracts to sign, and no strings attached.

Don’t leave your safety – and that of your family – to chance.

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