School districts usually have established procedures for how to communicate with parents and students during emergency situations, but no one expected the COVID-19 pandemic.

In our first podcast episode, you’ll learn the best practices on how to handle emergency communication for your school district, in relation to the unprecedented pandemic and beyond.

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360Civic co-founder Bridget DiRico interviews three education experts:

  • Kevin Redmond – Webmaster, Huntsville City School District
  • Michele Anderson – Director of Marketing and Communication, Paradise Valley School District
  • Dr. Rosina Wright-Castro – UCLA Instructor, and Academic Counselor at Cerritos College

Our three experts share their own experience when first managing communication and all of the challenges they faced when school districts were suddenly dealing with COVID-19.

“Everything was changing constantly, so our biggest focus on what we were communicating to our parents was that our school was closing, and this is what it’s going to look like,” says Redmond. “We had lots and lots of questions…it was unprecedented.”

Additionally, in this episode you will learn our guests’ expert advice for schools and parents when navigating effective emergency communication, and their plan for their districts’ approach to emergency communication in the future.

“While we are very much still trying to adapt and figure out where we’re at with [the new school year]…there are some great opportunities because we’re doing things that are more creative than we have in the past,” mentions Anderson.

To further learn about effective communication for school districts during emergencies, download our white paper.

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