In the public sector, Drupal powers a significant number of government websites, including the White House website,, and the Departments of Education, Defense, Energy and Homeland Security.

Why has it become so popular among public sector entities? At 360Civic we’ve known the answer for a long time, as we have been working with Drupal for several years. We would never have built our business on using Drupal if it were not a solid platform. Our clients like it, too. In fact, we get higher satisfaction rates from our Drupal clients than any other system.

So we thought it was time to dive a little deeper into the topic, to provide a source of information for government sites that may be ready for a change of website or a change in platform.

We were going to call our new white paper “How do I love Drupal? Let me count the ways” – but someone said that might be copyright infringement.

Instead our white paper is entitled Drupal: A Primer for Public Sector Websites. You’ll learn the history of Drupal, and all about its many benefits, from flexibility and scalability to security and ease of use.

Most importantly, at a time when taxpayers would prefer to know their dollars are being spent responsibly, you’ll discover the potential cost savings inherent in a switch to Drupal.

Is There A Downside To Drupal?

We’ll outline the challenges, and how they can be overcome with an experienced development company (like, say, us).

If you don’t have Drupal, or you’re not happy with your current platform, you may wish to check out our new white paper. It could make your next decision much easier. And once you’ve read it, contact 360Civic about how we’ve customized the platform to make a great product even better.

Read the White Paper

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