In a typical school year, summer would be the time when those who work in education can finally enjoy a three-month respite from all those kids they had to babysit since September.

But this year is different. Vacation for you probably started back in March, and it was anything but relaxing. And with the status of September classes still up in the air, this summer may be overshadowed by uncertainty over the future.

And that makes this season the perfect time to prepare.

Take a look back at how your website performed during the pandemic. Were students and parents able to find current and accurate information, or was the email box filled to capacity with inquiries? Was the site able to handle the increased traffic?

When school is back in session, there will be an increase in public concern, and public expectations for what a school site should provide. This is the time to make sure you’ll be ready.

No one could have predicted the depth and breadth of the impact of the pandemic on school district websites, but one way to make sure you are ready for the next emergency is to be sure that district and individual school sites are working cohesively with one another. Review how your current systems are integrated.

Just as municipal sites were crushed under the weight of unemployment claims, many school sites could not handle the unprecedented volume of usage. Adding capacity means added cost – so the ideal solution would be for websites to have the ability to scale up quickly when necessary, without having to pay an additional fee.

Honor Roll Can Help

Comprehensive reviews and technology upgrades can seem daunting to many school districts, particularly those with 40 or fewer schools where budget is also an ongoing concern.

Honor Roll from 360Civic is ready to work with these districts to create scalable solutions. With Honor Roll, you can add or remove schools, add new features or technology and turn features on and off, as you need them. You’ll always have what you need to keep your community informed. Plus, you’ll never have to worry about platform changes or hosting that will no longer support your site.

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