Your school district is dealing with a lot right now – we get that.

If you’re not open for in-person classes yet, you hopefully will be soon. And there may be help on the way from Washington to help with expenses related to health and safety.

Given all that, you probably think this isn’t the best time to also take on a website improvement project: here is why we hope you will reconsider.

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1. No Payments Until 2022

With your budgets in disarray adding another expenditure is the last thing you need. But with our Honor Roll website program, you’ll receive a new website with improved design and functionality that will meet your needs now and in the future, and not pay anything until next year when – hopefully – this pandemic will be something that no longer dominates our lives.

2. No Additional Burden On Your Schedule

Of course we’ll need some input from you on what you like about your current site and what capabilities need to be added to make it better for your students, teachers and community. But because of our experience in this specific area, and the award-winning sites we’ve already designed for school districts in several states, we are able to move this project forward efficiently and rapidly without adding one more burden to your schedule. We’ll have meetings at your convenience, keep you regularly updated on the progress of your new site, and submit new designs and content for your approval.

3. The Stuff That’s Not Usually Included? We Provide That Too

Any new or revised website project will certainly include design, content, and upgraded functionality. It does not always include copywriting: if you want to add a page to your site about a new facility or a new after-school program, typically you’d be asked to provide the text for that page. With 360, we’ll take care of that for you. We’ll provide hosting if you need it as well. We’ll make sure the site is fully ADA compliant. Mobile applications? We can do that too.

4. Full Training and Support

We don’t disappear after the project is done, only to return next year to send the bill for our work. Prior to the launch of the site we’ll provide training that will make sure your staff is comfortable with how to perform a full array of tasks on the site – from adding pages to uploading photos to creating banners to keep your community informed in case of breaking news. And if you have questions after the site goes live, we’ll always be just a phone call away.

5. A Proven Track Record

Our Honor Roll program is not our way to announce our presence into a new market. We’ve been working with school districts on website projects for several years – and you can read testimonials from some of our clients here. The decision to launch Honor Roll was shaped by the pandemic, and how schools faced a sudden and unexpected shift toward online learning, as well as new challenges in keeping students and parents informed. All of this placed additional traffic demands that some sites could not handle. We wanted to help schools address these issues, in a way that would solve the problems quickly but not strain their budgets.

Our Honor Roll program will provide you with a new, sophisticated, easy-to-use website that can handle whatever traffic demands you expect – and we’ll create it and launch it absolutely free. You pay nothing for one year.

No startup costs. No hosting costs. No monthly costs.

If after one year you decide to keep your new website, our upfront pricing ensures that you know exactly what you will pay with no surprises, and you will not find a better value. If you decide not to keep your site, there are no costs, no contracts, and no penalties. 

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