Last year’s presidential election happened almost one year ago, but the discordant melody lingers on through accusations, investigations, and a million angry social media posts.

Whether you were delighted or depressed at the results, the election itself and its aftermath have remained a prominent source of frustration for Democrats, Republicans and Independents alike.

For municipal and government websites, this is an opportunity to reassure your community that the voting process is accurate, secure, and among the highest priorities in the public sector.

Yes, that will be a challenge. Republicans are still investigating voter fraud, while Democrats are looking into election tampering by foreign governments. Whatever the outcomes of these investigations, the doubts they have raised are dangerous to one of the most sacred public trusts that exist in the United States – the sanctity of our voting process.

Reassurance Via Municipal Website

This is the time to provide information to your constituents about voting software and databases, how voting machines work and how registered voter verification is checked. If you plan to make any changes in your voting procedures in 2018, discuss these as well.

Since procedures and voting machine technology vary from state to state, address the specifics of your processes and how they are protected from potential vulnerabilities. Tell them how the votes are counted and why you know they were counted accurately. Explain the auditing process that confirms the results.

Midterm elections will be here before you know it, and the primaries sooner than that. The more information you can make available, the more you may be able to reassure voters that their votes do matter.

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