If you’ve been through the process of creating or revising a public sector website, you know it can be a formidable task.

The company you choose to take on that responsibility should not just be experienced, qualified and professional. The chosen company should also make it a priority to keep your personnel informed about every step in the process. Moreover, they should also let you know who is doing what, and why.

If you become a 360Civic client, your team members will receive letters from our key personnel signifying the beginning of every stage of your website project.

At the outset, you’ll receive a Welcome letter that outlines our overall approach, and what roles your project manager and project strategist will play as we work together.

Next, your project manager will send you a letter telling you exactly what you can expect from our team. This includes prompt responses to your questions or messages, access to our project management system, and our commitment to meet every deadline.

Content – what needs to be kept, changed, updated, or deleted – may be a significant part of your website transition. When that is the case, our Director of Content will let you know how we handle this undertaking, through a step-by-step process that minimizes requirements of your time.

Once all content has been submitted and approved by your team, you’ll receive a letter from our Content Management Specialist, who will oversee its migration to the new site, while also reviewing all functionality to make sure everything works as it should.

The letter from our IT Specialist will introduce himself as your point of contact for many key functions, such as how you’ll send out email, connecting the site to your Active Directory, the DNS Cutover, and setting up services like Google Maps and Google Analytics.

Finally, when your website is almost ready for launch, our Training Manager will contact you to coordinate onsite or online training for your team.

At 360Civic we believe communication is the key to a successful project. That means keeping you informed and up to date from day one to the day your website goes live. We hope you’ll give us the privilege of serving you.

A recent Supreme Court ruling will open the floodgates on ADA lawsuits against companies with a website that is not fully accessible to those with disabilities.

It has never been more critical to make sure your site is in compliance.

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Director of Content

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