The annual Court Leadership and Academy Conference recently concluded three days of meetings and presentations in Anaheim, California. The event was hosted by the National Association For Presiding Judges and Court Executive Officers (NAPCO).

Our executive team, including CEO Ron Zayas, was in attendance, and received an enthusiastic response from chief judges and court professionals who were interested in how our IronWall360 privacy protection service works. Several recent high-profile incidents have illustrated the vulnerability of those in this vital profession following controversial decisions. Violence against judges is on the rise throughout the world, with attacks and threats up nearly 400% in the United States alone. Steps have been taken to secure courtrooms from such incidents, but the home of a judge represents a far more accessible target.

We explained to conference attendees how our IronWall360 service scans the internet and is able to remove content that puts our clients in danger. Some asked if there was a way to remove this content themselves; there is, certainly, and we showed them the steps involved in doing so. But we also explained that the process is long, tiresome, often frustrating, and one that must be repeated frequently to identify new sites that provide or sell home addresses, and to monitor those that may remove content once, only to put it back up a week or a month later.

Upcoming Events

If we missed you at the NAPCO 2022 conference, we hope to see you soon at one of the following 2022 events:

  • CJA Annual Conference (September)
  • 2022 MAACM Annual Conference (October)
  • 46th Annual TACA Education Conference (October)
  • COPSWEST (October)

Looking for Privacy Protection?

By acting now you can eliminate potential threats of harassment, vandalism and violence before they happen. Our service can also be used to provide your spouse and children with the same online privacy protection. Let’s stop these tragedies before they can happen.

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