The California Judges Association was established in 1929 and is the professional association representing the interests of the judiciary of the State of California. Members include judges of the Superior Courts and Courts of Appeal, Commissioners of State courts and State Bar Court judges. Recently the CJA held its annual convention in San Diego, and the IronWall360 team from 360Civic was honored to be among the attendees.

We spoke with many criminal justice professionals over the course of this three-day event, including judges representing various Supreme Court counties across the state of California.

The organization had already partnered with 360Civic to offer online privacy protection to its members, something that has become more essential given the rising number of threats aimed toward judges. But this was an opportunity to speak with members who were not part of our program yet, to let them know that their home addresses and other private information were likely available to anyone through a simple five-minute Google search.

We also connected with current clients who are already a part of our program, who gave us positive feedback and gratitude for our service.

After the events of this past year, more and more professionals in criminal justice and law enforcement are recognizing that having their personal information easily accessible represents a risk to themselves and their families that they are no longer willing to accept. In our discussions, we invited those interested in privacy protection to look at other companies that provide this service, and then look at all the added protections 360Civic offers that other providers cannot match.

If we missed you at the CJA conference, we hope to see you soon at one of the following 2022 events:


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