360Civic is an Orange, California-based corporation with eight offices in seven states, including Texas, Washington and Nevada and one European office based in Madrid, Spain.

The staff and management of 360Civic is comprised of technology and marketing professionals, writers, and creative design staff with a broad range of experience.

Working With Us

How 360Civic Approaches an RFP, and What Comes Next

Public projects routinely elicit the same questions from the same candidates: “What is your budget?” “How many pages (or websites, or documents) are required?” etc.

Such questions are designed to restrict the scope of the project, so when changes or additions become necessary (as they almost always do), it becomes an opportunity for additional billing.

That’s Not How We Do Business

We like to start with different questions:

“What is the goal of this project?”

“What do you wish to do and how are you trying to do it?”

“Why are you changing what you have now?”

Before we ask these questions, we have already started seeking the answers ourselves. Beyond a review of the RFP, we analyze your current website (if that is where the project is focused) to identify areas of concern and opportunities for improvement.

Once that process is complete, we build our response and our pricing from the premise of what is necessary to not just achieve the goals specified in the RFP, but to fix any other issues that might impact that process.

If 360Civic is Awarded the Contract

Once the real work begins, our method again starts with analysis. We review your webstats. We interview your site’s users, your IT personnel, and the people most likely to use the site.

Then we work with you to enrich your strengths and add our expertise to your team where it is needed most. These value-added services are included in our pricing to help you achieve a successful on-time launch.

When the Unexpected Happens

We deal with it. If your team planned on handling one aspect of the project but won’t be able to complete it on time, we’ll take care of it, along with any other barriers that stand in the way of getting the job done.

Clients tell us that type of flexibility is rare, but that has always been the way we do business. Our budgets don’t change. We don’t nickel-and-dime, or say, “That’s not in the contract.” Whether it is writing or SEO, or meeting with your stakeholders to make sure everyone is getting the support they need, we are ready to put our team to work for you.

Our Proposals

Whether it's writing, website development, new product launches, social media, direct marketing, design, videos or any project related to marketing or technology, we'll finish your project on your deadline and within your budget.

Our proposal includes everything within one simple price:

  • Responsive, mobile-friendly and mobile-smart website
  • Personalized design process
  • Advanced open-source CMS
  • Integrated forms, surveys and calendaring
  • Copywriting services
  • Content migration
  • Fanatical support and training
  • Cost-free bug support
  • Mobile application
  • Simple, no-guess pricing
  • No licensing fees

Your 360Civic Team

At 360 you will work with a dedicated team that stays with you throughout the entire project. And when it’s done, we are also available to maintain your new site or web presence for years to come.

Most of our engagements tend to be long-term at our clients’ request. Should you contact them, you will repeatedly hear that, beyond the experience and professionalism we bring to each project, we are also an easy company to work with, and that we make the process easier as well.

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